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We provide custom lessons for all—from beginners to the experienced—and offer a range of lessons, including:

  • Introduction to hunting safely
  • Target shooting
  • Dynamic shooting from a holster
  • Tactical and combat shooting.

NRA certified since 2008

Our Services

What’s included:

Classroom instruction can start in the privacy of your own home, office, or at public shooting range.

NRA instructional materials provided.

Firearms & ammunition provided for introductory lessons, or improve your level of comfort, safety, and competence using your own firearm. *

Safety glasses & hearing protection provided. †

*Costs vary based on type and quantity of ammunition used.

† Investing in your own personal protective safety gear is recommended.

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San Diego & Bakersfield, CA


Prior to receiving lessons from Michael Serra from San Angelo Arms, I had little to no knowledge regarding pistol fundamentals. Michael emphasized the importance of firearm safety, stance, grip, sight, and trigger manipulation. He provided me with the necessary resources and live training to put together the fundamentals, while laying rounds on the target. Michael is definitely knowledgeable and a true professional. As a result of the lessons with Mr. Serra, I was prepared for the U.S. Border Patrol Academy and became a Patrol Agent. 

Jeronimo G. February 2021

“The following is an endorsement of Michael  Serra and his competence as a Firearms Expert and Instructor.  I have been fortunate enough on several occasions to have Mike show me around the workings and use of a variety of firearms.  Mike instructed me in the beginning of each lesson how the firearm worked mechanically, and made sure I had a strong knowledge of this before ever firing the weapon.  Next and foremost was the safety end of shooting.  This was were Mike’s true passion in firearm training came out and for all his students they should be very grateful that Mike cares so much about safety.  At the end of the day Mike’s biggest concern was that everyone “went home intact” the same way they showed up for the training.  If you didn’t take the safety seriously and know how to be safe around the firearms you did not move on to the next step, shooting the firearm.  Finally, when the firearms were used Mike made a structured and at the same time fun lesson take place.  Mike has a very keen sense of what the student can and can’t do and challenges each student to get better.  I know I really enjoyed my classes with Mike as did the other students I have been in the same class with.  Mike is a very dedicated instructor and strives to help all his students learn and safely enjoy the firearm experience.  I highly recommend Michael Serra.”

James A. March 2019

“Mike was extremely focused on safety, which made me feel comfortable as an inexperienced beginner. He was thorough, patient, and even helped me purchase my first firearm. ”

Lindsay D. March 2019

“My wife and I were fortunate enough to have Mike as our firearms instructor. Mike’s dedication to safety and his professionalism on and off the range was just outstanding. Mike took us through each step that was required to safely enter the range, handle our firearms, and discharge our weapons in that environment.His skill as a marksmen was spot on, teaching me how to hold, aim and fire my weapon. I was simply amazed that under his instruction, I was able to shoot a playing card in half!

I would definitely recommend Mike to anyone who is looking for a person with the skill, dedication and knowledge of the sport. He has taken away our fear and uncertainty of this sport and made us comfortable and confident gun owners. ”

Mike & Sue R. October 2017

“I started with San Angelo Arms with very little knowledge of firearms. Mike started with both rifle and pistol safety and then on to practical training at the range. Mike also worked with me on self defense giving me the confidence to protect myself if ever needed. I can’t thank Mike enough for his patience and the exceptional training I received. I now look forward to working with Mike at the next level for competition training.”

Matt G. June 2016

“I have been fortunate to get handgun and rifle training from Michael Serra at San Angelo Arms. Having spent 25 years in law enforcement, I had a basic understanding of handgun safety and use; however, Michael  was able to take my firearm abilities to another level. Michael was patient and adroit at listening to his students and was able to personalize his training to fit each students needs. I practiced various gun drills; shooting at multiple targets. I also participated in tactical shooting and magazine reloading. Additionally, Michael introduced me to long range shooting. I used rifles chambered from 5.56, 308 to 300 Win Mag.
I have been trained by several other firearm instructors. None of them showed the patience and overall firearm knowledge that Michael has. He ran a disciplined range and was a quality range master. Safety is always top priority for Michael and I can unequivocally say that he is the best firearms instructor I have had!  ”

Scott T. 2015

“From the classroom to the range the training I received from Mike at San Angelo Arms was beyond my expectations. The instruction was professional and taught in a manner that was easily understood resulting in immediate results. If you are a beginner or an experienced shooter looking to better your shooting skills I would highly recommending that you give him a call. ”

Mike G. October 2014

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